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New Immigration Law to be Debated in French Parliament in January 2023
The new text, if adopted, should include a French exam and facilities for professions in shortage, notably in medical and construction fields
CJEU declares invalid the Directive (EU) 2015/849
This directive seriously infringes the right to privacy and the protection of personal data (joined cases C-37/20 and C-601/20)
Right to Remain Silent
Conviction on the basis of statements made during a hearing, where the applicant was not notified of the right to remain silent and did not have the assistance of a lawyer, is contrary to Article 6 of the Convention (Merahi and Delahaye v. France, application no. 38288/15)
National Rules Authorizing Criminal Proceedings Against Judges
According to Advocate General Collins, national rules authorizing criminal proceedings against judges are subject to the requirements of effective judicial protection (December 15, 2022 - Opinion in the joined cases YP and al. - Waiver of immunity and suspension of a judge - Cases C-615/20 and C-671/20)

New French Bill on Immigration

The French government unveiled in December the final version of the bill “to control immigration and improve integration”, which will soon be debated. The project aims to facilitate the deportation of persons in an irregular situation while opening up the possibility of recruiting migrants in certain areas. The new text will increase sanctions against illegal work, a fine of 4,000 euros for the employment of an irregular person. In case of recidivism within two years, the fine will be doubled. Applicants for residence permits, or holders applying for renewal, will have to demonstrate that they comply with the principles of

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Challenging EU Sanctions

“EU sanctions” are known in EU law as “restrictive measures”, the purpose of which being “intended to bring a change of policy or activity by the targeted country, a part of that country, its government, entities or individuals. These sanctions can be efficiently challenged before European courts. Restrictive measures are, according to the European External Action Service “a preventive and non-punitive instrument that should allow the EU to respond quickly to political developments or challenges”. Such definition is not really in accordance with the recent practice, which show a clear intention to punish some personalities for having some links, supposedly

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Fast tracks leading to French residency and citizenship

VLS TS Visitor Non-European nationals who wish to come to France for a long period (more than 3 months) for non-professional purposes can submit an application for VLS TS Visitor, ruled by Article L. 426-60 of CESEDA (French Code ruling Foreigners Stay and Residency) This visa can be granted for a maximum period of one year, renewable as many times as the candidate meets the conditions. Thus, in the current state of the regulations, nothing prevents a holder of VLS TS who has stayed for 5 years from applying for naturalization, which naturally remains subject to the assessment by the

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Belgian, Swiss and French Immigration and Criminal Lawyers

Founded in 2007, Lexial is a law firm with offices in Paris, Brussels and Geneva. Our areas of expertise are business immigration (French Talent Passports and other long duration visas, Belgian Single Permits and Professional cards, Swiss business visas), and international criminal law.

We also provide an assistance regarding EU sanctions (restrictive measures) and general business and employment law.

Swiss, Belgian and French immigration and criminal lawyers of Lexial are continuously ranked among the best in these fields. 

Our law firm was created in a spirit of innovation and with the desire to implement a distinctly modern approach to the practice of law. Lexial’s innovative geographical footprint allows the firm to serve customers in Brussels, Paris and Geneva dealing with European and international legal issues.

The firm focuses on specific areas of law. With Lexial, you are not a “number”, our team is voluntarily restricted in size because a customized relationship with our clients is a priority.

In addition to a selection of traditional legal services offered business and employment law, the firm has developed a specialized practice in international immigration law as well as in international criminal and political law. Lexial is every year classified as a leader among immigration lawyers and international criminal lawyers.

Thanks to its French and Belgian immigration lawyers, the firm possesses expertise in the area of international mobility in Belgium and France (especially French Talent Passport and Belgian Professional Card). We are also active in Switzerland.

Within this framework, we have developed strong relationships with Middle Eastern countries, in particular Gulf States (UAE, Kuwait and Qatar), Asia and North America.

The Firm applies the standard rules of ethics of European lawyers (CCBE).


How to Get French Tech Visa and Talent Passport ?

The French Tech Visa is an initiative by the French Government to support the French startup ecosystem both in France and internationally and attract new talent with experience…

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How to Get Belgian Work Permit ?

Belgium applies the Directive 2011/98/EU since January 3rd, 2019. The conditions to obtain a « Single
Work Permit » have changed but you can manage this process smoothly…

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Are There any “Fast Tracks” to get French Residency and/or Citizenship ?

Obtaining French residency and/or citizenship can be a long way. But some “fast tracks” are available:
VLS TS Visitor, French Degree, and other specific provisions hidden in the law…

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How to Challenge EU Sanctions ?

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“EU sanctions” are known in EU law as “restrictive measures”, the purpose of which being “intended to
bring a change of policy or activity by the targeted country, a part of…

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What should I do if I am a victim of a crime in France?

You can file a complaint or go directly to the competent court. After investigation, the perpetrator may
be prosecuted. In this case, you can ask for compensation…

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What can I do if I am a victim of a crime in Belgium?

You can file a complaint or file a civil suit with an investigating judge. After the investigation, the perpetrator may be prosecuted. In this case, you can ask for compensation…

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What Can I Do if a French Prefecture Does not React in Due Time ?

Since 2021, some French Prefectures hardly managed their obligation to deal with requests for renewal of residence permits, Talent Passports, VLS TS, etc. The issue came from the fact…

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French Immigration and Criminal Lawyers

French Immigration and Criminal Lawyers