Business & Employment

Lexial provides day-to-day assistance – including litigation and arbitration – at both national and international levels in a number of areas, including :


– Contracts

– Employment

– Commercial and corporate

– Insurance

– Distribution and competition

– Debt recovery


The firm has created a dedicated cost-controlled package specifically for SMEs, called SME Solutions, which facilitates the budgeting of legal fees for smaller businesses that require day-to-day legal support.


We also assist and advise employers with regard to all issues encountered in their relations with their employees, such as the pre-contract negotiation of working conditions, the negociation of the employment contract, or its termination. For contract terminations, the firm can negotiate a settlement or litigate on behalf of clients (before the industrial tribunal (conseil de prud’hommes) in France or the labour court in Belgium). The firm can also assist clients seeking to optimize their compensation, especially in an international situation resulting from a temporary assignment or expatriation. More generally, the firm has also developed expertise in the area of supplementary employee benefit schemes, both national and international.