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Business & Immigration in Schengen States is not a “program”, it is an Art.

As first commercial power in the world, European Union is attractive to foreign investors from many countries. As one of the first financial and most competitive places, this is also the case of Switzerland.

International mobility is a constantly moving field. In Belgium, the 6th Reform of the State, in force since January 2015, transferred the decision power to Regions, which notably changed the practice to obtain professional cards. A professional card is a mandatory tool for non-EU citizens to create a Belgian company and to become resident on this basis.

In France, since 2016, the”Talent Passport” is an amazing tool allowing residency, open to several kinds of profiles: investors, starters, IT specialists and executives or qualifies employees.

In Switzerland, a vote of 9 February 2014 has lead to a more restrictive approach on immigration and investors should be able to show high level investment capacities. But taxation lump remains attractive.

In Brussels, Paris and Geneva, Lexial is also the leading firm in the field of professional immigration for expatriated executives and their employers in obtaining authorizations of occupation and work permits (including for posting / secondment), or in setting up special tax systems for foreign executives, as well as in all legal aspects of the employment relationship and daily life.


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You can apply for citizenship after 5 years of residency.


In order to obtain residency, you need a D-Visa.


To obtain a D-Visa, you need (generally) a “Business Visa“: Talent Passport in France, or a Professional Card or Single Permit in Belgium.


The biggest part of our job is to assist you to obtain the “Business Visa”, which is the more critical and difficult step.



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