How Can French Criminal Lawyers Help You Even Before Representing in the Court?

Facing criminal charges might be one of the worst things that can happen for a person and his public image. To fight against the charges, one needs to hire the best criminal defence lawyer to represent the case in the court. But hardly a few people know that he can be of great help even before the case reaches the court and you need representation.

Talking about the French Criminal Lawyers, these can help their clients with much more outside the court, let us get a glimpse of it.

  • Evaluating the charges and evidence: This provides a realistic evaluation of the circumstances one might be facing. It includes examining the charges carefully and scrutinizing the evidences to advise the best path forward.


  • Stop the charges before these are officially filed: One might not be aware that the defence attorney can meet the prosecutor or the District Attorney before the charges are filed. A professional might also bring some evidences and witness statements that may give prosecutors a clear picture and file lesser charges. It might also result in not filing any criminal charges at all.


  • Recommend a defence strategy: After careful consideration on all the situations, police reports, charges, witnesses and other evidences, he will help design a perfect strategy. Based on certain facts, he would decide on whether to try to dismiss the case, negotiate and reduce the charges or fight the case.


  • Negotiate a plea bargain: If the final strategy decided is negotiating and getting a plea bargain, he would also inform about the pros and cons associated with it. One can make a careful consideration of the options before going choosing it or not.


Along with this, he would also educate the client on the laws applying on him or on the case. So, hiring French Criminal Lawyers is not an easy task if stuck in such a case and need some careful consideration before the selection.