Immigration Lawyer In Brussels To Guide You Through In Getting A Long Term Visa For Belgium

The immigration is not an easy process irrespective of the country that one wants to travel to. But, this daunting task could be made easy with the help of a little support from the experts. The Immigration Lawyers in Brussels can easily help a person get through the complex procedure with ease.

These formalities might be difficult for a person but they are not difficult for the immigration lawyers. The technicalities are on the tip of their fingers and tongue. Despite being certain other considerations, most important thing is the paperwork involved and immigration lawyers know it very well.

The first thing to keep in mind is that for applying one has to go to the Belgian Embassy in the home country personally. One more important thing worth noticing is that a person doesn’t need an entry visa in Belgium for less than 3 months. So, if you are in Belgium, you can apply in Belgium municipal administration. Let us discuss the documents that are needed to apply for the long term visa (D Visa) of Belgium.

  • The first thing to keep in mind is that a valid passport is needed
  • Something that proves that you can sustain yourself during the stay
  • Work Permit/ birth or marriage certificate
  • Proof of being free of any criminal record
  • Proof of accommodation
  • A medical certificate stating that you are not suffering from a disease that could be harmful for the people.

These are just the documents that will be needed while applying for a long term visa in Belgium. Other than this, a person has to also fill an application form for a long term visa of Belgium. These were the basic and initial things to keep in mind when moving to Belgium. If one wants other specific details on the same, they can contact the Immigration Lawyers in Brussels.