The Complete Procedure That Immigration Lawyer Of France Can Help You With

It comes with no surprise that foreigners face various situations. However, it depends on whether they originate from countries in the European Union, countries with which France has signed treaties governing establishment, in the European Economic Area, or the countries whose citizens are subject to more rigorous controls on their entry into France. Be it anything, what or who can help you with this all very easily is an Immigration Lawyer of France.

Do you know that citizens of the European Union can migrate to France without any visa? Yes, that’s totally correct. Citizens of the countries who are members of the European Economic Area as well as citizens of Switzerland who are aimed at establishing their residence in France don’t require visas to migrate to France. According to the Article L121-2) of French Immigration Law, what this country offers to the citizens is that those of European Union, of the Swiss Confederation and of the European Economic Area, who wish to establish their habitual residence in France has to register with the Mayorês office in the commune of residence with 3 months while following their arrival.

Subject to the treaty exceptions of Immigration Lawyer of France, the citizens’ spouses and most of the foreigners who are willing to make establishment in France has to apply at the Consulate of the country of which they are citizens or wherever they are legally resident at the time of application. Generally, they will be expected for justifying that they are resident in the country legally.