Types Of Visa That You Can Get By Hiring An Immigration Lawyer In Switzerland

Switzerland, not just a name but a dream place for many to visit. It is just because of the lovely views, freedom that one gets which makes it the favourite place to visit. But before packing the bags one should decide whether to visit for studying, job or live. This helps in deciding the type of visa one should apply for. This and many more issues could be easily dealt by an Immigration Lawyer for Switzerland. Meanwhile, you could check out for the different types of visas below.

Air Transit Visa: It is a type of visa that is not needed by everyone while having a transit stay in Switzerland before the flight to the destination. But few must have an air transit visa for the purpose, an immigration lawyer might guide you best whether you need it or not.

Short Stay Tourist Visa: If you are from EU, you don’t need a short stay visa to put up in Switzerland for 3 months. In other cases, a short term visa is needed to spend 3 not more than 3 months or 90 days in Switzerland. It is also termed as the Schengen visa.

Long term Swiss Visa: This is a visa that is mostly applied when a person intend to study or come to the place for a job. The duration of the visa is more than 90 days and it is also known as the Type D visa. Along with this, one also needs to apply for a residence permit in Switzerland.

So, all this could be handled and the process could be sped up with the help of an Immigration Lawyer in Switzerland.