Some Basic Document Requirements To Get The Talent Passport For A Highly Skilled Worker

While the European countries have been attracting various people from other countries to work as an employee, France has always led the convoy. It is a country that has taken a number of steps to attract most of the skilled workers. The reason behind its success is the constant hunt of emerging and highly skilled professionals. The most-effective step taken in this regard is the French Passeport Talent or the Talent Passport.

But do you know that it is issued under various categories? One such category is for Highly Skilled Workers. Here are some of the requirements for the same, let’s check them out:

Copy of diploma: One needs to have a diploma in the same field post the high-school studies or at least 5 years of professional work experience in the same field. This confirms that a person has expertise over the work.

Yearly income certificate: The next document that needs to be submitted is the yearly income certificate. But this is not it, the person applying should prove throught the documents that his salary is over 1.5 times than the average salary in France.

URSSAF certificate: It is a certificate to guarantee that the company is up to date with the employee social taxes. The authorities will need it, make sure that you get the certificate from the company.

Copy of the work contract: One of the most important documents that need to be submitted with the authorities is a copy of the work contract. The contract must show that a person has a contract of at least one year with the company.

Up to date K certificate or K -Bis as the case may be: If you are entering France, this is one of the documents presented before the authorities is a K Certificate or the K Bis. It is equivalent to the registration of a company in France, both as a a natural person [K Cretificate] and also as a legal person [K- Bis ].

These are the important documents that need to be submitted with the authorities but there are a few others that might vary from one case to another. To know about all the other documents to be submitted for the French Talent Passport, get to the best immigration lawyers around!